Technology that makes you a smarter driver and your car more connected.


For your car

Its like your mechanic, but costs less. Its like your petrol head brother, but saves you more.


For your insurer

We have proof your insurer loves Sensure. Smart drivers pay less. Sensure reduces your risk rating.


For you

We are building great tools to help you, a smart driver make smart decisions. We make it easy to maintain and understand your car.


Plug in sensure device

Plug in the Sensure device into your car, we will do the rest.


Download the Sensure App

With the app on your phone, once setup. All critical insights will be available.


Get connected!

Within the Sensure app, visualise all critical driving and car diagnostics data in a user friendly manner.

Our great belief:

Smart algorithms and sensors are this generation's silent teacher, we need to build from these smart companions in life ~~on the road~~..

What do we believe is broken?

Our great founding statement believes the best drivers on the road today are those who haven't learnt the bad driving habits.

Traditionally first time insurance policy buyers have been slapped with expensive insurance premiums. The risking and profile process in insurance has traditionally been calculated based on the insured user and not the device itself. Our approach allows insurers to have better and more accurate risk profiling and calculation by being aware of how the car is being utilised as it communicates use and its ever changing insured environment. We are adding cars to the ever growing ecosystem of internet of things. By reading car sensor data and remote diagnostics we are making it easier than ever for car owners to understand their cars better.

What keeps us up at night?

We are bringing new technology to car ownership and "in policy" experiences for first time car buyers. We are setting out to make it easy to get affordable insurance. By helping you motivate just how great you are as a driver. We have great tech that helps you save money by every passing Km in your vehicle.

What we are doing?

Through cutting edge insure tech we help first time car owners drive safe and motivate through great driving behaviour a lesser risk rating. We have made it easier than ever to prove how great you take care of your car should you want to sell, you can show a richer service history beyond service stamps. Should you never understand that red dashboard icon, we have remote smart diagnostic help ready to give you help.


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